Subsonic Suicide

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Subsonic Suicide is a low frequency musical average division of ISPLL. The focus of this division is achieving a high SPL at the lowest frequency. This division will be a 2 minute average. A set of musical tracks with a consistent bass line will be provided for free (available HERE) or the competitor may use their own. The highest frequency allowed is 32Hz. Each 1Hz below 32 you play at will add .25dB to your final score (i.e. you play the 28Hz track, you will receive a 1dB bonus on your final average). If you play the 20Hz track or below, you will receive an additional 2dB bonus to your final score (5dB total bonus). If you play the 15Hz track or below, you will receive an additional 1dB bonus to your final score (7.25dB total bonus).

Orange - Cone Area Restricted



1. Competitors may use the provided tracks or their own (USB, CD, or AUX).

2. The qualifying run will be a 1 minute average. The two highest qualifying scores will have a final head-to-head runoff for a 2 minute average.

3. Trunk 1: Cone area <354”

4. No Wall 1: Cone area <708”

5. Competitors may open any door, window, hatch, trunk, etc. that they wish to, before and during (AKA “fanning”) the run.

6. Maximum charging voltage for classes T1, NW1, and W1 is 15.5V and classes T2, NW2, and W2 is 19.5V.

7. The meter will be placed on the passenger side windshield (legal position).

8. Engine RPM should not go above 2500RPM consistently during metering.

9. All vehicles must be daily drivable (drive at least 50 miles on one tank of gas and drive the posted speed limit) except for NR class.

10. NR class: The NR class will ignore rules 6 and 9. This is the No Rules class and shall only follow the general guidelines of a 4 wheeled form of transportation.