League/Show Rules


1. The League must approve (“sanction”) all events (“shows”). Any person found to be running an unapproved show will be banned from competing in or running any further shows with ISPLL.

2. The League does not record competitor points in a traditional manner. Competitors may accrue points by attending and competing in ISPLL shows. Each division that you compete in will earn you 1 point. Thus, the maximum per 1X show is 4 points. 2X shows will be offered on a limited basis. 3X shows will be reserved for very large events.

3. Finals requirements are 5 points in the same class you wish to compete in and active ISPLL membership. If you have 5+ points in Subsonic Suicide Trunk 1, that is the class you must compete in at finals. You may qualify for unlimited classes at finals assuming the requirements to the class are met and you have the points.

4. If any competitor wishes to contest an amp’s 1 ohm rating (i.e. they believe it is severely underrated or overrated), they may pay a fee to have the amplifier bench tested at 1 ohm. If it is within 10% of the original rating, it shall remain at the current rating. If it is greater than 10% from the original rating it shall be changed. If the amp has two ratings (i.e. 12.6V and 14.4V), they will be averaged to find the rating.

5. Trunk classes are restricted to single cab pickups with no rear seat (all equipment located in cab and below window line) and sedan types that have an OEM (i.e. fold up rear seats to seal it) cargo compartment. Other pickups will be classed as No Wall assuming there is 18”+ between roof and speaker enclosure.

6. The League’s head offices will have the final say in all disputes.