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Spring Break Nationals 2016

2016 Season
March 19, 2016 12:00 AM - March 20, 2016 12:00 AM
101 N Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118

The mobile electronics event that kicks off the spring car audio selling season is on its way to celebrate its 30th year. On March 19 - 20, 2016, SBN EXPO Group will produce its annual event at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach Florida. “We’re thrilled to reach this milestone of the event that has served the industry for so long”, says event founder Paul Papadeas. “Every year, we offer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers the opportunity to come together at this industry institution to network, sharing information, training and consumer exposure. Our industry has changed over the years; we’ve modified and adapted the event to the contemporary needs of industry. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for continuing Dealer education and consumer exposure to our category. To do all this in a fun-filled environment is unique and I feel that we have that under wraps.”

The two-day event will host the most progressive brands in industry. “I’m thrilled that companies use SBN / ICE as their Southeast Mobile E trade show” says Papadeas, “it shows that they take stock in their Dealer’s success. Within the 30 years of our events, supporting brands have found the value of SBN/ICE coming face to face with Dealers and their customers, the networking opportunity is great.”.

For 2016 SBN EXPO Group, LLC turns back the calendar on exhibiting costs to reflect those set over 2 decades ago. “Our goal, Papadeas said, “is to offer the best exposure for the brands that haven’t yet experienced the potential of our event and at the same time reward the dozens that have over our 30 years.”

An Industry Gala is planned for the event’s Saturday night with details to come. For more information on the 30th Annual SBN / ICE please contact SBN EXPO Group at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit or call 386 767 3030.



Real SPL A

Jeff Mosblech - 130.27dB

Real SPL B


Real SPL C

Brandon Butler - 146.2dB**

Real SPL D

Robert Ellicot - 144.83dB

Real SPL E

Brandon Hodge - 152.67dB**
Melanie Hoekel - 148.4dB

Real SPL F

Master Will - 149.67dB
Trey Taylor - 149.33dB
David Forbus - 149.3dB
Polo Garcia - 148.63dB
Wally Moore - 147.77dB
Brandon Rosser - 144.87dB
Jason Swain - 144.3dB

Real SPL G

Ken Hutcheson - 155.33dB**
Mike Gragg - 152.73dB
Roy Wilkes - 149.3dB

Real SPL H

Ricardo Oliveras - 153.27dB**



All Around SPL T1


All Around SPL T2


All Around SPL T3

Robert Ellicot - 145.73dB
Robert Bowen - 144.57dB
Robert Smith - 143.47dB

All Around SPL T4

Mike Vinson - 149.87dB
Larry Tollman - 146.33dB

All Around SPL NW1

Joey Majewski - 148.17dB**
Michael Kron - 136.23dB

All Around SPL NW2

Brandon Hodge - 152.03dB**
Antonio Robinson - 152.03dB
Stewart Donohoo - 149.73dB
Chris Bryant - 148.97dB
Brandon Butler - 147.57dB
Jake Perschbach - 147.17dB

All Around SPL NW3

Antonio Robinson - 152.5dB**
Geoff Radtke - 151.47dB
Carlos Carbajal - 151.13dB
Melanie Hoekel - 151.1dB
Master Will - 150.93dB
Tony Economou - 150.6dB
Tom Parks - 149.43dB
Michael Cummings - 146.97dB

All Around SPL NW4

Jose Ortega - 154.3dB
David Forbus - 153.1dB

All Around SPL W1

Abdul Alli - 149.63dB**
Douglas Turner - 148.27dB

All Around SPL W2

Thomas Tarulli - 151.83dB**
Donald Cowger - 151.57dB
Brandon Rosser - 150.67dB
Jason Swain - 147.43dB

All Around SPL W3

Mike Gragg - 156.23dB
Scotty McCandless - 155.07dB
Llavor Malcolm - 155.0dB
Wayne Fowler - 154.9dB
Ricardo Oliveras - 153.57dB
Polo Garcia - 152.47dB
Roy Wilkes - 148.73dB

All Around SPL W4

Tim Johnson - 156.23dB
Ken Hutcheson - 154.47dB

All Around SPL NR


Demo Showdown T1


Demo Showdown T2


Demo Showdown NW1

Brandon Hodge - 142.4dB**

Demo Showdown NW2

Antonio Robinson - 142.25dB**

Demo Showdown W1

Polo Garcia - 144.05dB
Jason Swain - 140.9dB

Demo Showdown W2

Kevin Rinaldi - 144.2dB
Ricardo Oliveras - 143.15dB
Ken Hutcheson - 142.15dB

Demo Showdown NR


Subsonic Suicide Limited 1


Subsonic Suicide Limited 2

Mike Hicks - 146.45dB (29Hz)

Subsonic Suicide Advanced 1

Melanie Hoekel - 151.25dB (29Hz)**

Subsonic Suicide Advanced 2

Vitas Hawley - 152.0dB (30Hz)
Master Will - 144.95dB (31Hz)

Subsonic Suicide Unlimited 1

Kevin Rinaldi - 156.25dB (25Hz)
Conner Atkinson - 151dB (32Hz)
Mike Gragg - 154.85dB (29Hz) (1 min)
Thomas Tarulli - 153.4dB (24Hz) (1 min)
Anthony Thompson - 152.9dB (26Hz) (1 min)

Subsonic Suicide Unlimited 2

Bobby Wright - 156.15dB (29Hz) (1 min)

Subsonic Suicide NR



** Denotes a new world record!!!



Good job to all the competitors!


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  • From March 19, 2016 12:00 AM to March 20, 2016 12:00 AM

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